My two galleries exhibit Gouache Paintings

My two galleries exhibit Gouache Paintings and Water Colours.

You will find new original paintings and sculptures as well as older work not shown before. Again there will be sale of framed art of small editions of high quality art prints as well as Giclèes on canvas.

My book "Impulses, Dialogue with Life" is for sale. As a pilot project the philosophical “Soulwork/Workshop” edition of 125 books will be sold signed and numbered. This edition is published by me and consists of 70 of my paintings as well as hundreds of text pieces of ideas, reflections, thoughts and associations by me.

The signed and numbered editions can only be purchased by me privately, through my web-site or at my exhibitions. Welcome to our beautiful countryside and exiting galleries. Don`t hesitate to get in touch any time privately if you are interested in purchasing any of my art or books, or want to visit the galleries in summer season.

Contact me or by phone

Thank you and welcome to my galleries!